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Reds Restaurant,
High Street, Woodend.


Ever since I was a child I have seen angels and "orbs". In fact a while ago I did a past life regression on a person who believed that in another life they had actually been an "Orb". But that is another story.

My latest exhibition is my most rcent work exploring this subject. I am preparing for my future years painting and doing yoga, but painting will take a much more dominant role than it has over the last 20 years. When the children were going through school, my painting allowed me to put Kelly through a private education, and purchase those little luxuries that make life more fun.

I feel quite strange entering this new part of my life.

The "orbs"? I have photographed them, I have had them visit me whilst I was on holidays, while at home in the house and in my bedroom. Critics have said they they are probably sand on the lens, or rain. I have to say, it rarely rains in my bedroom! Neither do I have sand storms there unless in a dream.

I won't stop teaching my brand of yoga to the people recovering from traumas and addictions, and exhibitions like this one make it possible for me to do more.....

All proceeds from the exhibition will go to the GitaJaia Yoga Foundation - the non-profit arm of The Australasian Yoga Institute.

We have started teaching mandala painting from the home studio.

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