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51 solo Exhibitions in Australia since 1966
Overseas: prints and cards generated from each exhibition
Exhibition Monash University 1976
Exhibition in Washington DC 1987
Exhibition in London 1991 (Surrey)
Exhibition in New York 1991/2(Private showing)
Greenwich Conn.(Private showing)
New York. New York. (Private showing)
Private showings in Chile.
Gallery representation. Amsterdam 2004.
Various ART SHOWS throughout Victoria, 2009, 2010 and 2012 and 2013, 2014 , 2015 , 2016, 2017, 2018

Dr Sylvia Earle (Steinhardt Aquarium) SF
Dr. Joseph Mc.Innes, Toronto
Al Giddings, Cinematographer, SF
Stan Waterman, Cinematographer, SF
Carl Sagan, Physicist (author, COSMOS)
Thor Heyerdahl (International adventurer, KON TIKI)
Ken Myer (Major corporate collector, Melbourne)
P. & G. de Burgh-Day (Melbourne)
Mr. Richard Gordon Jnr. (Conn. USA)
Mr. & Mrs. Lloyd Smith (Melbourne)
Norioshi Ishigooka (Japan.)
Henry Kissinger & Marietta Tree (Valuations - New York)
Department of Oceanographic and Atmospheric
Administration (USA)
The Asian Society (New York)
Smithsonian Institution (Washington, DC)
The Museum of Victoria (Presentations for the Chairman
and delegates of the World Cephalopod Congress) Melbourne.
Hawker Richardson Engineering, Melbourne.
Snell & Wilmer & Assoc.,(Phoenix, Az.)
Arrego Y Dorr, Santiago,(Chile.)
The Children’s Museum, Miami, Florida
The Dalai Lama (Angel Painting)
Princes Diana (Angel Painintg)
The Coots Family. (Butterfly Family tree - pen and ink)

Geelong College
Mowbray College
RMIT Melbourne (Art Business Consultant)
CAE melbourne (Art Business Consultant)

Jahne's CV


The Australasian Yoga Institute.
The GitaJaia Yoga Fooundation.

General Nursing Training
Sivananda Yoga Teachers Certificate
Massage Certificate STT
Gita School of Yoga Intern/Teacher
British Hypnosis Research Diploma
Anatomy, Physiology and Massage Diploma
Osho Meditation/Hypnosis Diploma
Certificate of Clinical Hypnosis (USA)
Registered Clinical Hypnotherapist (USA and Aus)
Bowen Therapeutic Technique
Australian Hypnotherapists Association
Cert IV in Workplace Training and Assessment
Dolores Cannon Accedited Past Life Regression Therapist
Hon.D Spiritual Development (USA)
Doctor of Divinity (USA)

Working partner (founder) publishing company for 7 years
Editor publisher “Australian Woman” Magazine
Editor Publisher “The International Art Report” (15 years)
Editor/Art Director “The Large Australian”
Editor/Art Director “Horizons”
Editor Art Director “Success Magazine”, Melbourne
Editor Publisher 1997-2002 “Calder Arts”

Prime Time (art/investments),
Success Magazine
Skin Diving in Australia and the South Pacific
Books, Magazines, National and International papers

One Thousand Angel Project: painted since 1911, completed.
"The 1,000 Angel Project 2". in process...

Philosopher, artist, writer , "God botherer" and advocate of the healthy and Meaningful life.

She asks her students/audiences to look for the true value behind the work and the lives they choose to live. Primarily a teacher - that's what she will tell you as she engages you across a number of topics that will draw you from the hub-bub of life into the sensibilities of where the world holds its meaning. Jahne is a person who can produce a cultural shift long after the change managers have packed up their bags and charged like wounded bulls.

She asks us to think more carefully about the lives we are leading, and draws on years of experience across fields of yoga, philosophy, art, writing, meditation and religion and asks people to explore the touchpoints of their intentions in the world.

An Artist, Trained as one of Australia's first Schientific Illustrators, and one of the first Australian scientific illustrators to train and work at The Smithsonian in Washing DC (USA) and at the national Geographic Magazine, Jahne is a widely exhibited artist with more than 60 one person exhibitions internationally to her credit, and has recently completed the major arcana of the Tarot. She is driven by creative production and the possibilities of what can materialise as we let go of expectations. Her continuing images of Angels, which began as a response to 9/11 continues to unfold. ALL THE MONIES FROM HER PAINTINGS AND EXHIBITIONS GOES TO THE GITAJAIA YOGA FOUNDATION which supports students in rcovery from addictions.

She is a public speaker who talks about everything from God and the balance of work and life to pelvic floor exercises to reclaiming of a sense of self. Those who meet her are forever shifted to a new way of thinking. Her simple yet compelling words resonate deeply with audiences, particularly those who seek a more peaceful existence amid the noise and stress of modern life.

Jahne is the Founder of The Australasian Yoga Institute which has been in operation for almost 50years, and The GitaJaia Yoga Foundation instigated this year. More recently she has introduced RESTORATIVE YOGA THERAPY a revolutionary one and half hour yoga method involving relaxation and resistance, aimed at corporates looking for an alternative to the grind of gym regimes, or those people who need a gentle relaxing yoga program without foregoing any of the benefits

She is the mother of two adult children, Kelly and Jesse and runs her worldwide yoga institute, paints, travels and provides therapies, and classes from her base in Woodend, Victoria.

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